Whoever let Fox think that Twitter is a potential terrorist tool is not frequent user of social networks. How do I know? Because terrorists aren’t either. Well, they start web forums to attract news sources and freak everyone out and then shut them down. No one on Twitter would follow that kind of user.**

Today BBC reported an Al-Queda deputy likened Barack Obama to a “house slave,” brought up his father’s Muslim faith, and other such issues that have profound importance for all Americans. It’s a low blow but, par usual, Twitterers are taking it in stride, demonstrating pure randomness and superfluous linking (the previous link will show you a live list of all updates).

Thanks Mark for this update: NYT chimes in on Al-Queda’s cryptic symbolism in “Al-Queda Leader Weighs in on Obama Insultingly.

**Note: the only way I know this is because I’m on Twitter too much. Non-users sometimes assume there is a concise definition because all interactive tools like Twitter are hard to understand until users see for themselves. Any definition is ambiguous and has something to do with “microblogging.”


Successful blogs have a genius way of relating to others like there’s no computer screen between them and the reader. A real connection helps users forget they’re not face-to-face, open up, and share, too. This kind of exchange is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s hard work to present content in a way that makes sense to an online community and stimulates conversation.

Motrin taught us how not to do reject community over this past weekend. They sorta alienated the online community and offended people with a corporate ad campaign. I’m referring to the total damage control fail after moms stormed Twitter to set everyone straight about babywearing (which increased activity to Motrin’s hompage, shutting it down). When the site went live again, the video was pulled and this posted in it’s place:

Snapshot 2008-11-19 01-59-22.jpg

Why didn’t Motrin just climb on Twitter, create some self-aware PC screenname and maybe respond on the thread? There’s a better response than a random letter on their homepage. Is that supposed to be a blog post? If so, the disconnect in online communication between users and bloggers, and corporate America is worse than I thought. It wouldn’t bother me so much but I’m pretty sure these places have a communications or PR people. So, I wrote a little open letter to express my grievances over the misuse of social media.

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The Hipster punk blog entry that changed the world. Here’s my favorite quote from it. You can find the entry en total on Street Boners and TV Carnage.

STREET BONERS and TV CARNAGE » OBAMA VICTORY RENDERS HIPSTER “MOVEMENT” OBSOLETE: “Now prepare yourselves: This is an era in which you will find many people becoming inspired by government. You are going to see a lot of regular people asking what they can do for their country, applying to work for the Obama administration, and trying to make a difference in real life.

I myself won’t be participating, because I’m too fucking lazy, greedy, and scared. But I don’t harbor any illusion that my selfish path somehow makes me smarter than the people who are actually trying to help. (Many of you do – you are ‘Those in the Know,’ as vane$$a says – there you go, you dumb racist cunt: you’re famous.)

Never believe that the cynicism you spend on scene-dues is actually legal tender in the real world – it would be as dumb as a Hippie thinking he can fight global warming by fashioning a testicle-choker out of hemp.”

MP3 Madness

Crap, all I can get enough of is “Man vs Ape” by Eyedeas and Abilities. Jeeze

Here’s some video I took using my Razr at the Wolf Parade Concert in Madison, WI. Thanks to Emon for helping me attempt to upload it to my media library. I ended up uploading it to YouTube, too.

And here’s some actually good video of “I’ll Believe in Anything” :) Enjoy!!

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Boom Baby: South Park Takes On The President-Elect from Gawker: “In three words Robert Frost summed up everything he learned about life: it goes on.”

I love Gawker but not as much as I love South Park. I love everything about the show. The season DVDs, the commentary, the fact that they were best friends in college. Here’s a golden piece of construction paper cartoon written and produced before the election was decided. You can watch the whole episode here. Enjoy “About Last Night…”