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I found an article on Digg today about tea. Read the article from BBC News. Surprise! Tea is really, really good for your teeth, bones and cures some forms of cankles. Okay, I made that last one up. But for real, you don’t have to be British to enjoy it. My friend Maleah is a local tea provider here in Madison if you ever have any tea needs. Visit her website.

Foshowley’s Guide to Tea:

  • White tea has the least caffeine
  • Green tea has the most antioxidants
  • Black tea will give you a kick in the morning
  • Mate will kick your ass (that’s why Argentineans pass it around in a gourde like a crack pipe)
  • Matcha is a really nice quality green tea. It will change your world
  • Oolong is the most fun to say but Rooibos is the hardest to pronounce

Brendt Hughes has a great blog called Tea Nerd. Read his post on Rooibos. He hates drinking it as much as I hate saying it. You still get a feel for how serious people are about their tea as he blogs through the whole brewing process. Also, the post and the rest of his site have some tea pictures that are close to perfection.

I’m off to have some blueberry tea at Barriques. My favorite.

See comments on the BBC article (Digg)

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