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Journalists and bloggers create fast “communities” when they collaborate. Gawker, for example has a successful “family model” for blogging.

What does the model look like for Generation Obama and print media or TV media?

This will probably be one of my last posts about this stuff because I think that it’s a user-based decision. So, blogging makes the way you “share” things matter. But I think communities are important, too. So, media, what excites you? I know bloggers seem busy but in an attention economy, the value of what you say is on par with how hard we work to dig into all three social media groups and filter what is there and present it in a way that makes sense to the “user,” “reader.” We’re marketing our own voice, in a sense, to make web content more friendly and give a sense of belonging.

I met at NPR for election night with a bunch of bloggers and media. Most of us bloggers had Twitter. We literally just needed to be in the same room to connect, not even talk. How can we capture the value of community with social media? Where can bloggers and media connect and collaborate online?


Professional Media Networks Online

Twitter, may help collaboration. But bloggers are skeptical that it’ll payoff. Twitter blossomed and so did blog networks. How can we value and measure the growth of blog networks this time? I also think of Journalism Researching, a research network created by Paul Bradshaw.

Social Media outlines corporate, new, and grassroots media trainings. Here’s who’s involved in facilitating the trainings.

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I’m writing an official post about Obsession for Inside Isalm. If any blogger wants to send me links to their published reactions to the film I’d like to link to others on the post.

You can leave reactions or suggestions here on this post. Thanks, everyone.

Here’s a playlist to watch Obsession on YouTube.

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