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Okay, I’m sorry Facebook friends. I know it’s lame but I love Twitter. It’s short, it’s fun and you get what you put into it. Also, FakeSarahPalin is only on Twitter.

I could make up reasons like I’m worried about Facebook viruses which seem to be popping up on friends’ walls. Or I could mention how networks like LinkedIn make absolutely no sense to me. But I just really like Twitter.

Instead of those kinds of meta excuses I’m going to list a couple of examples from today. I hope the Twitterers I mention won’t mind I’m highlight them. Considering what they’ve been in the NY Times, through Cancer and involved in politics, I think they’ll be okay with it.

1. I found Awesome Cancer Survivor one day looking through social media blogs. The day after my dad went into stem cell treatment for Lymphoma. Turns out Stales is a cancer survivor three times over. And a golfer.

2. I read about Laura Fitton in “I’m so Digitally Close to You” on my New York Times article feed. Link below. Posted it on Facebook and Twittered her at Pistachio. Tonight I shared an article back with her from the NY Times.

She told me how to cook squash.

Squash. Yum.

Squash. Yum.

3. This one is simple. Boing Boing has an RSS Twitter feed. Translation: whenever they post some random video about cooking squirrels, I’m notified.

4. Lachlanhardy was mentioned in a post from ReadWriteWeb. After I followed his Twitter account, he posted a song on seeqpod. Now I have a cool playable music searching site. Seriously, check it out.

5. FakeSarahPalin, of course, sort of makes all the buzz about the real person okay.

So, those are some of my favorite things about Twitter. It’s very much like Facebook because you don’t get it until you try. Things I look forward to from Twitter: Video streaming, links to photostreams and more great leads.


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Open Thread

Jezebel: Open Thread

Open threads are a way for bloggers to open a post up for user comment. Usually the title of the post is Open Thread: Topic (whatever the topic may be). A good topic would be something in the news, like Hurricane Ike, or something everyone can relate to, like baby strollers.

Blogs like Boing Boing or Clusterflock post links to interesting, but totally random content that’s entertaining. They post open threads just because they can. There doesn’t have to be a topic because the blog doesn’t have any particular focus so users don’t expect one. At the same time, it’s not always true that blogs use open threads because they don’t have anything to say or need content. Even blogs like Jezebel that post 50+ times a day use open threads. It’s also part of online community “bonding.”

It’s kind of like a chat room since users and bloggers have common interests and are interacting online. But blogs aren’t groups, they’re networks. So, open threads are a way to tap the network (users and other bloggers) about a specific topics.

It’s also simply just a way for blogs to discuss popular news or important events.


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