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I looked at my RSS feed just after publishing the last post to catch “Want a Popular Blog? Put Your Ego Aside Then” out of the corner of my eye. This was a reminder for me to correct for the fact that I did find two blogs that have reinforced my faith in the helpfulness of blog “tips.” They are: CopyBlogger and ProBlogger.

I’ve been reading Copyblogger for a while and really like what they have to say on monetizing blogs. Last night, I wanted to make a group of bloggers on my @tweetdeck to follow and help each other out with research and advice. After looking for hours, I finally found a huge list of bloggers on Twitter from the ProBlogger Social Media Love-in.

Oh, I thought, blogger tips are for bloggers. Social media tips are for social media entrepreneurs (even though they post them on blogs) and their regulars. Honest mistake! See you on Twitter, bloggers. Looks like I may need your help, too, figuring it out so hopefully there’s enough love to go around. Follow me @blogislam and I’ll follow back.


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