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Boom Baby: South Park Takes On The President-Elect from Gawker: “In three words Robert Frost summed up everything he learned about life: it goes on.”

I love Gawker but not as much as I love South Park. I love everything about the show. The season DVDs, the commentary, the fact that they were best friends in college. Here’s a golden piece of construction paper cartoon written and produced before the election was decided. You can watch the whole episode here. Enjoy “About Last Night…”

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Obama Supporter Takes Flight, originally uploaded by Foshowley.

After the NPR Blogger Meet-up ended I started to walk back to the hotel but decided instead to follow the honking horns. Near what I think is the Verizon Center, I saw a crowd of people celebrating the Obama victory. Drunken, slap happy, post-election bliss went on for the next hour or so.

Here’s a link to my flickr photostream.

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Clusterflock of words: Election politics. Where is print media? The words are dying!

9:54 ET: Maverick! Drink!


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Consider a City Without a Paper. The Newark Star-Ledger may be in the gutter soon, leaving the city without any newspaper.



Print media has been in trouble for a while. Bloggers be humble, though. Gawker declares:

What we haven’t seen in all this, though, is a major American city with no newspaper. Everyone believes that a paper is an essential part of a city’s fabric, like city hall and the jail and the local sports team. If Newark—a town with more problems than most—is left without a paper, who will tell the world what’s going on there? Who will tell Newark what its own government is up to? Even bloggers should be humble enough to pray that the Star-Ledger isn’t the first in a long line of papers that disappear and leave people with no forum for the local bickering, minutiae, and moments of glory that are the real American civics lesson.

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