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Boom Baby: South Park Takes On The President-Elect from Gawker: “In three words Robert Frost summed up everything he learned about life: it goes on.”

I love Gawker but not as much as I love South Park. I love everything about the show. The season DVDs, the commentary, the fact that they were best friends in college. Here’s a golden piece of construction paper cartoon written and produced before the election was decided. You can watch the whole episode here. Enjoy “About Last Night…”


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Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account(s) were hacked and posted on the internet. To avoid mild paranoia over what you sent/have sent here’s a guide to what has gone down. Okay, let’s start with the culprit. Lovable LOLcats creator (supposedly) a.k.a. Anonymous.

The Culprit

LOL Cats/Hacker

LOL Cats/Hacker

/b/ from 4chan (Radar)

For the record, an (anonymous) representative of Anonymous denies that the group is responsible for the Palin e-mail hack, instead blaming it on “/b/ from 4chan, a group that posts anonymously and creates Internet mayhem and mischief.” (4chan was one of the early proponents of both the Rickrolling and the LOLcat memes.)

What the AP is saying…

Apparently, the AP was asked by the secret service to return the leaked copies but the AP didn’t comply. Not sure why they’d need them back besides as a political gesture. Gawker has an awesome post on the confusion.

What the techie’s are saying…

Sarah Palin’s Email Hackers’ Sloppy Work Could Lead to Their Arrests (Gizmodo)


Why Did Palin Have A Shadowy Email Account, Again? (Gawker)
Why Sarah Palin’s Hacked Email is Our Beeswax (Jossip)

“Were some kids over in 4chan really able to log into VP candidate’s private email? Shouldn’t there be some sort of protection against that sort of stuff? Is it any of our business who Sarah Palin emails? Who even has a Yahoo account anymore? Agh, so many questions, so little answers,”

Sarah Palin’s “Private” Email Hacked (Comedy Central)

See other blogger reactions (Blogrunner)

Blogger’s worst nightmare: law and politics



Sarah Palin Emails: Gawker Should Be Imprisoned Forever, Says Everyone Except Lawyers (Gawker)

Freedom of Information Act (National Security Archive)

Personally, I stopped sending emails that I didn’t feel comfortable sending after I mistakenly decided to take hold of my destiny and write an ex declaring my undying affection for him. I was going through a “telenovela” stage. Waiting for a response may have been the most anxious-ridden two days of my life. What can I say? I’m a blogger. We’re wired for stress. Now it’s out there and when I run for prom queen of the world/Vice President nobody will have anything on me. Gah, email’s so political.


Palin doesn’t like to share her emails (MSNBC)
Photo: Sarah Palin’s Emails (BuzzFeed)
Visit Wikileads so you can catch the scandal before it falls through the cracks (Wikileads)
Yahoo doesn’t say anything special (Yahoo)

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Consider a City Without a Paper. The Newark Star-Ledger may be in the gutter soon, leaving the city without any newspaper.



Print media has been in trouble for a while. Bloggers be humble, though. Gawker declares:

What we haven’t seen in all this, though, is a major American city with no newspaper. Everyone believes that a paper is an essential part of a city’s fabric, like city hall and the jail and the local sports team. If Newark—a town with more problems than most—is left without a paper, who will tell the world what’s going on there? Who will tell Newark what its own government is up to? Even bloggers should be humble enough to pray that the Star-Ledger isn’t the first in a long line of papers that disappear and leave people with no forum for the local bickering, minutiae, and moments of glory that are the real American civics lesson.

Read other Gawker posts tagged (Gawker) “Print is Dead”
Does print media matters for this election? (Observer)
See Wall Street Journal’s new design for “emo” social networks (Mashable)

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Everyone’s up in arms over a print journalist who reported the funeral of a three-year-old on Twitter. Why use Twitter? The child’s parents didn’t want media covering the memorial. Read the story if you want to know the details (Rocky Mountain News).

Maybe this is what Moe from Jezebel (now at Gawker) meant when she joked… kind of… that Twitter is the end of the world. If you’re thinking about using under 140 characters to update everyone online on a tragic event, stop. Think. If it’s not a terrorist-level emergency, you should keep thinking, judge through past experience, put yourself in their shoes, etc., etc.

Twitter Cartoon (ReadWriteWeb)

General Consensus. Twittering the funeral of a toddler who died tragically in an ice cream shop is crossing the line. Also, nobody should have to tell you that!

Let it be. It’s never good to use web tools and networks to be sneaky about what you do/information you give or get. Two reasons: it’s hard to stop and easy to loose a human touch. Go ahead and google search someone. But social networks are anti-social and creepy enough as it is. Don’t be that guy.

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Foshowley on Facebook

Foshowley on Facebook

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September 13, 2008

The Best Of:

How to Make a Squirrel

Sandwich (Boing Boing)

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