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Miss Tic (YouTube)

Miss Tic (YouTube)

Hear me out…

I watched Obsession, a movie about radical Islam that was sent out to 28 million people as an ad for popular newspapers/other publications. The short film basically makes the point that being “politically correct” about Islam and Muslim culture is making America vulnerable to terrorists and extremists. The argument is that “whitewashing” issues is the dangerous because it prevents Americans from judging radicals in a radical way.


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Heavy Metal on Inside Islam

Here are my thoughts on democracy in the Middle East and Heavy Metal Islam, a book by Mark LeVine.

The fight over what Islam means in the world today is an increasingly critical one and, from the Iraq war to heavy metal music, the world struggles to articulate what it means in a modern sense.Mark’s work reveals that the debate is complicated and there are a spectrum of opinions, voices and meanings even in everyday life. He uses the universal language of music to articulate the diversity of Islam in contemporary times.

It was an interesting topic to think through so I’m linking to it on Foshowley. I hope you find it interesting as well and worth discussing. Also, I just made commenting easier on the Inside Islam site. If you have any reactions, will you leave them there? They’re much appreciated.


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