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Best of Foshowley: Facebook

Foshowley on Facebook

Foshowley on Facebook

Are people warming up to the new Facebook? I kind of took a break after it switched over. It just seems disorganized to me. It probably doesn’t help that I changed my language settings to English (Pirate) but anyway, I’ll power through. Here goes.

Facebook Posted Items for October 1, 2008

  1. Jay Smooth addresses Panic 2008 in “Economics and Annoying Smart Guys” (YouTube)
  2. Stuff White People Like is Still Funny (because it’s true)
  3. Whatever Martha made me feel better about unresolved issues with my mom and Martha Stewart (YouTube)
  4. The Polar Bear Dance Was Bookmarked on Islamify.org, renewing hope for peace in the Middle East
  5. A funny Sweded version of Lord of the Rings (YouTube)

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White people like Stuff White People Like

The blog Stuff White People Like is an exhaustive list of white stereotypes and cultural critique. The idea is so simple it’s genius. White people are predictable. So, there’s a lot of fun parrot blogs. Read White Stuff People Like.

Authenticity made simple and freaking funny.

Authenticity made simple and freaking funny.

Funny because it’s true

Earlier in September SWPL took it to the next level. Christian Lander, creator of the site, wrote a guide book for being white. Publishing a book means going on a press tour. Press tours involve public radio. Christian appeared on NPR’s Book Tour earlier in September.

NPR is stuff #44 white people like:

White people love stations like NPR (which is equivalent to listening to cardboard), and they love shows like This American Life and Democracy Now. This confuses immigrants from the third world. The see the need for radio as a source for sports, top 40 radio and traffic reports but they don’t quite understand why people who can afford TVs and have access to Youtube, would spend hours listening to the opinions of overeducated arts majors.

Listen to the podcast Poking Fun At The “Stuff White People Like”


Buy the Book
My favorite #16 “Gifted” Children

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