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Obama Supporter Takes Flight, originally uploaded by Foshowley.

After the NPR Blogger Meet-up ended I started to walk back to the hotel but decided instead to follow the honking horns. Near what I think is the Verizon Center, I saw a crowd of people celebrating the Obama victory. Drunken, slap happy, post-election bliss went on for the next hour or so.

Here’s a link to my flickr photostream.

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NPR Election Bloggers by Kaitlin Foley

Live Blogging the Election: Unedited Transcript

Kaitlin:  I’m just leaving my hotel room in Washington DC to head over to NPR in Washington DC. There was a slight technorati issue with Inside Islam. Yikes! You can check twitter updates tonight under #nprbloggers. Also, here’s a tour of the studios from Andy Carvin (at NPR’s Social Media desk) at: qik.com/video/447106 I’m going to go find a place to plug in for the long haul.


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I will be blogging the 2008 Presidential Elections from NPR Headquarters in Washington DC with 20 or so other bloggers. Follow my live blog tonight starting when polls close (around 6 p.m.) and NPR begins covering the election results: Click Here

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