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Mark Willis posted an On the Media program in the “Future of Journalism Is Nonprofit & Online” a post on his blog, a blind flaneur. It’s interesting to me that online media has coincided with the rise of blogs, both writers and researchers. Without printing expenses or staff (in a bloggers case), the economy should be growing, not floundering. Where’s the deal?

The whole blogger and journalist relationship will be interesting to see work itself out as the economy changes. Both groups tend to burn out. Both do tons of research. So, I think the filtering of information is a real resource value there that’s not being captured by either. If the On the Media program is right, then the future of online journalism may be in non-profit, but can bloggers still build business to help stimulate the economy?

Yes, I think so and I think social media entrepreneurs will be another big help. But it’s not going to be with pop-ups or ad banners. It might be by partnering with internet marketers, as Copyblogger points out in “Is Blogging Keeping You Poor.” Bloggers are already building personal brands that attract communities and entice users to share content with others. How they cash in on a personal brand will be interesting to see. I hope the bloggers have successful partnerships with business and media. Most of all, I hope they will write about it.

So, thanks, Mark for sharing this. Hopefully, with programs like “The Still Small Voice” from On the Media we can stop talking about the death of print or panicking over economic crises and start focusing on creating new jobs for people that fit with emerging models online. We’re going to need a lot of staff to help support self-publishers so blogs can publish about their successes along the way.


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