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Yesterday, I posted a record of my personal life in links. My mother recently left the print industry frustrated. I recently became a blogger. Her resignation makes me wonder about how to maintain the public sphere without newspapers. Neither of us are sure yet. All I know from recent research is that I’m glad common sense will still get you a long way.



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About three months ago, I started blogging for an online community and project called Inside Islam. Today my mom went public with her decision to resign as editor of the Wisconsin State Journal. Sharing my private life with people online hard for me to wrap my head around. But, today, it’s all out there to see: Here is my personal life in links. I’ll start from now and work backwards since it’s the blogger way.

My mom went public about her decision to leave print media today (Wisconsin State Journal)

The decision hit Poynter.

I took a job working at UW on Inside Islam

WSJ Editorial Team finalists for Pulitzers, no one wins

Team Foley Network and my dad’s brain cancer treatment


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