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Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account(s) were hacked and posted on the internet. To avoid mild paranoia over what you sent/have sent here’s a guide to what has gone down. Okay, let’s start with the culprit. Lovable LOLcats creator (supposedly) a.k.a. Anonymous.

The Culprit

LOL Cats/Hacker

LOL Cats/Hacker

/b/ from 4chan (Radar)

For the record, an (anonymous) representative of Anonymous denies that the group is responsible for the Palin e-mail hack, instead blaming it on “/b/ from 4chan, a group that posts anonymously and creates Internet mayhem and mischief.” (4chan was one of the early proponents of both the Rickrolling and the LOLcat memes.)

What the AP is saying…

Apparently, the AP was asked by the secret service to return the leaked copies but the AP didn’t comply. Not sure why they’d need them back besides as a political gesture. Gawker has an awesome post on the confusion.

What the techie’s are saying…

Sarah Palin’s Email Hackers’ Sloppy Work Could Lead to Their Arrests (Gizmodo)


Why Did Palin Have A Shadowy Email Account, Again? (Gawker)
Why Sarah Palin’s Hacked Email is Our Beeswax (Jossip)

“Were some kids over in 4chan really able to log into VP candidate’s private email? Shouldn’t there be some sort of protection against that sort of stuff? Is it any of our business who Sarah Palin emails? Who even has a Yahoo account anymore? Agh, so many questions, so little answers,”

Sarah Palin’s “Private” Email Hacked (Comedy Central)

See other blogger reactions (Blogrunner)

Blogger’s worst nightmare: law and politics



Sarah Palin Emails: Gawker Should Be Imprisoned Forever, Says Everyone Except Lawyers (Gawker)

Freedom of Information Act (National Security Archive)

Personally, I stopped sending emails that I didn’t feel comfortable sending after I mistakenly decided to take hold of my destiny and write an ex declaring my undying affection for him. I was going through a “telenovela” stage. Waiting for a response may have been the most anxious-ridden two days of my life. What can I say? I’m a blogger. We’re wired for stress. Now it’s out there and when I run for prom queen of the world/Vice President nobody will have anything on me. Gah, email’s so political.


Palin doesn’t like to share her emails (MSNBC)
Photo: Sarah Palin’s Emails (BuzzFeed)
Visit Wikileads so you can catch the scandal before it falls through the cracks (Wikileads)
Yahoo doesn’t say anything special (Yahoo)

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Foshowley on Facebook

Foshowley on Facebook

Facebook News Feed

September 13, 2008

The Best Of:

How to Make a Squirrel

Sandwich (Boing Boing)

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Twitter is a little like facebook since you friend, or follow, people and then watch what they say and do. You can also message and shout on to friends on both. Unlike fb, Twitter limits your messages to 140 characters. People generally either think Twitter is totally lame, the end of the social world as we know it or the best social media/news room tool that ever saved print media.

Here’s a screencast that will charm the pants off you as well as explain it better than I can.

Source: Common Craft via ReadWriteWeb

Bloggers on the tech side usually like it and use it to share ideas, ask for feedback, make jokes and publish RSS feeds of their blogs. So, in getting the Inside Islam site launched I began to twitter too.

Sometimes I hate it. Like when I follow someone and they don’t follow me back. I end up asking them questions without being answered because they can’t see my updates. I won’t get into it. The whole thing makes you feel stupid for even creating any account. Other days, like when Sarah Palin wins the worst interview in the universe contest, I love it. Here’s a tweetscan of all the posts that mentioned “Bush Doctrine” today. It’s kind of cool in a “hey, even this marginally important social network has a vast user reach” sort of way. It’s unexpected.

Huffington Post wrote a blog entry about the Palin Interview craze on Twitter. There’s even a FakeSarahPalin username now.


Fake Sarah Palin Tweet

Fake Sarah Palin Tweet

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