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Today I’m moving out of my parents house (like actual adult moving out for good) into an apartment above my friend Greg. I posted photos on flickr of the “before” move-in, “after” pictures will be posted later. For now, I’m just going to make an ambiguous hyperlink between Neitzsche’s declaration that “God is Dead” to “Blogging at a Snail’s Pace” from the NY Times (according to the article, slow-blogging is en vogue).

Maybe it’s blogger burnout affecting my judgment but I find in it a perfect explaination of the “internet cosmos” without all the definitions, rules, or seriousness. It could be that since was reading social media “tips” all morning about how to make my online Twitter updates purposeful, a couple old-timers totally ignoring the advice yet still following their own makes me happy. Hey, they know what’s right by them, and that’s all you can ask from a blogger.

And the quote:

‘Free spirits’ feel, when we hear the news that “the old god is dead,‘ as if new dawn shone on us; our heart overflows with gratitude, amazement, premonitions, expectation. At long last the horizon appears free to us again, even if it should not be bright; at long last our ships may venture out again, venture out to face any danger; all the daring of the lover of knowledge is permitted again; the sea, our sea, lies open again; perhaps there has never yet been such an ‘open sea’

Nietzsche, The Gay Science

Thanks to @markdykeman for passing along the slow-blogging article via twitter. It’s a gem. What do I think? I think that homecooked meal is great when someone cooks it for you. But when you go to the movies or a sport’s game sometimes you just want a little junk food. Go Boing Boing!


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