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Google Search Awesome (from Britny)

Google Search Awesome (from Britny)


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Digg is a way to share bookmarks with other Digg users and promote your page. it’s also a way of filtering content. If enough users “Digg” a particular site, it makes it onto the front page of Digg. It’s pretty cool if you’re a struggling blogger trying to get traffic but usually it’s short lived. I think the exception is if you’re a really good content filtering blog or YouTube.

Boing Boing and Clusterflock are my favorite examples of blogs that filter content for users to comment. The How to Make a Squirrel Sandwich video is a good example of the random but awesome posts that they specialize in. I know I shared it on FB, posted it here and probably watched it a good three times.


Visit Digg’s front page.
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People also link Digg to their Blog’s RSS feed. This means that whenever they Digg a site, it’s included in the feed people see if they subscribe by email (try it out for Inside Islam by entering your address in the box to the lower right of this post) or if people subscribe in a reader. So, the links won’t show up as posts on a blog but they’ll be included for readers who want more in-depth content.

I know it’s so convenient that the subscription box for Inside Islam is right here on Foshowley! You’d think I plan these things…

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