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Whoever let Fox think that Twitter is a potential terrorist tool is not frequent user of social networks. How do I know? Because terrorists aren’t either. Well, they start web forums to attract news sources and freak everyone out and then shut them down. No one on Twitter would follow that kind of user.**

Today BBC reported an Al-Queda deputy likened Barack Obama to a “house slave,” brought up his father’s Muslim faith, and other such issues that have profound importance for all Americans. It’s a low blow but, par usual, Twitterers are taking it in stride, demonstrating pure randomness and superfluous linking (the previous link will show you a live list of all updates).

Thanks Mark for this update: NYT chimes in on Al-Queda’s cryptic symbolism in “Al-Queda Leader Weighs in on Obama Insultingly.

**Note: the only way I know this is because I’m on Twitter too much. Non-users sometimes assume there is a concise definition because all interactive tools like Twitter are hard to understand until users see for themselves. Any definition is ambiguous and has something to do with “microblogging.”

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Several prominent journalists say these cutbacks might have contributed to the uncertainty and confusion among many Americans about why terrorists committed so heinous an assault on Sept. 11. “I think most Americans are clueless when it comes to the politics and ideology and religion in [the Muslim] world and, in that sense, I think we do bear some responsibility,” says Martin Baron, editor of the Boston Globe.

Foreign News Shrinks in Era of Globalization (Article)

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