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Not sure what to cover for this radio show one on the blog. Post in the comment section for the show..



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Videoblogging is different than putting videos on your blog. But you can put your videoblog on YouTube and embed YouTube videos in your blog. Confused yet?

Okay I’ll start with videoblogs: when bloggers record and produce their entries instead of writing them online. The cool thing about these is that there’s software out there that allows you to post video comments back to them. Most people still use written comments since it’s just not easy enough to make a video and send it (yet).

With everything on a blog, including content, being driven by comments I think that video commenting will become more popular eventually.

One of my favorite videoblogs is Ill Doctrine. DJ Jay Smooth is honest, thoughtful and endearing. That, balanced with the hard hitting hip-hop subjects he tackles on the blog, make it entertaining to watch. He makes you think while you enjoy the show. That makes you want to comment.

But my favorite episode, by far, is Vlogging is Stupid. I think that any blogger would tell you: “So true.” Jay Smooth explains the inner turmoil bloggers go through if you readers out there don’t comment. Here’s his ask:


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